ChaosMen – Justin Eros Solo

ChaosMen – Justin Eros Solo


RELEASE DATE:3 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 864 MB


We find Justin Eros reclining on the bed as he delivers his candid interview. This adorable, hunky, friendly Hispanic stud is happy to be with us in-studio and is looking forward to working with Chaos!

Justin identifies as gay, but has had sex with women and wouldn’t rule it out in the future. Interestingly, he reveals that he used to be ‘on the heavier side’ and became interested in appearing in adult entertainment after he focused on getting in-shape. We think he’s done a great job – give him some encouragement in the comments down below!

Justin wants you to call him a ‘good boy’ while he’s being bad…

He stands to the side of the bed and peels away his shirt, revealing a thick layer of fur coating his pecks and stomach. He reveals that he was self-conscious about his hairy chest in high school and was compelled to shave it, but he’s since embraced his furriness, and we’re glad he did!

Justin being to stroke his cock as he runs his fingers through his fur. His dick is quick to respond, growing longer and harder as he climbs back onto the bed. He reaches for some lube and continues to stroke his cock, which is now fully-erect. We watch as his pendulous balls respond, contracting and relaxing as he plays with his cock. He slaps his dick against the palm of his hand, making a satisfying thump sound as he grins at you through the lens.

Legs spread, he reaches down and teases his hole with one hand as he continues to jerk his cock with the other. Justin has enough length to fully utilize both hands, which he does occasionally as he alternates his technique.

Justin rises to his knees. We watch from underneath as his balls swing. He works out a sample of precum, collects it with his fingers, and tastes it before returning to full-speed.

Moving onto all-fours, Justin showcases his ass for you, spreading his legs far apart to reveal his hole as he reaches between them to tease it with his fingers. We move in closer and watch as he inserts a finger deep inside his lubed hole.

Approaching climax, Justin flips over onto his back. Moaning loudly, he shoots a thick load that lands in his pubes. He gathers some with his fingers and licks it off, then rubs the rest into his fur, leaving him coated in cum.

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