ChaosMen – Justin Eros and Nate Stetson Serviced

ChaosMen – Justin Eros and Nate Stetson Serviced


RELEASE DATE:12 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 659 MB


Justin Eros is preparing the massage table as Nate Stetson enters the room in his robe. Justin instructs Nate to remove his robe and lay on the table. Nate promptly does as he’s told.

Justin begins Nate’s massage, starting with Nate’s shoulders and working his way down. Nate tells Justin that he can ‘go a little harder,’ so Justin increases the pressure a little bit. Nate moans as Justin leans forward, pushing his package against the top of Nate’s head.

Justin adds some oil and rubs it across Nate’s back, then Justin moves to the side of the table in order to give some attention to Nate’s ass. Justin uses his fingers to rub Nate’s cheeks. We get a peak at Nate’s hardening cockhead from the side as Justin playfully runs his fingers along Nate’s crack.

Justin leans in and teases Nate’s hole with his mouth, kissing it gently. Nate gets the hint and moves into a doggy-style position, giving Justin full access to his ass, cock, and balls. Nate instructs Justin to ‘eat it some more,’ so Justin dives in, really going to town on Nate’s hole as Nate moans with pleasure. Justin reaches a hand underneath, grabbing and working Nate’s cock as he continues to eat Nate’s ass.

Nate turns over, fully-revealing his rock hard, hairy cock. Justin grabs some more oil, then continues Nate’s massage. It doesn’t take long for Justin to focus his energies on Nate’s cock – he leans in and takes it deep into his mouth as Nate starts to paw at Justin’s cock through his white boxers. Justin pulls his boxers off to give Nate access, then gets back to work throating Nate’s dick.

Nate slowly fucks upwards into Justin’s mouth. It’s obvious Justin knows what he’s doing. Justin uses his right hand to stroke Nate’s dick as he moves on to Nate’s balls, licking and sucking on them as Nate moans.

We watch from the end of the massage bed as Justin throats Nate’s cock. For our foot-lovers out there, pay attention to how Nate’s toes wiggle as Justin works Nate’s dick and balls.

Ready to nut, Nate exclaims ‘I gotta blow this load…’ Nate shoots ropes of cum, making a mess in his pubes before Justin leans in, collects Nate’s cum in his mouth, then releases it across Nate’s cockhead. Justin leans in for a cummy-kiss as the camera pans away.

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