ChaosMen – Colton Scott Solo

ChaosMen – Colton Scott Solo


RELEASE DATE:19 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 694 MB


We find Colton Scott seated, legs crossed, on the bed in camo shorts and a black tank top as he delivers his candid interview. Colton likes big, burly men, and was encouraged to get into porn by his friends. A trained dancer (he trained in ballet), Colton loves to dance. In the bedroom, Colton likes to explore bondage.

Colton stands to the side of the bed and peels away his tank, revealing his furry chest and stomach. When asked if anyone’s ever requested that he shave, Colton replies that he absolutely refuses to. He likes his body hair, and so do we!

Colton climbs back into bed, grabs some lube, and gets to work stroking his cock. We watch from between his legs as Colton slicks up his dick, then begins to stroke it, getting it up to reveal a rather thick dick with a nice set of loose balls.

Colton rises to his knees, continuing to stroke his cock with one hand, the other raised behind his head. We peer over his shoulder as Colton showcases his technique for you, gripping his cock firmly and stroking with a bit of rotation, occasionally flipping his hand around to stroke in the other direction.

Colton lays back on the bed and hoists his legs skyward, reaching forward with one hand to play with his hole as he strokes his dick with the other. We watch as he gently probes his ass with his fingers.

Ready to nut, Colton picks up the pace and lays his legs back down on the bed. Colton cums on his furry stomach, then reaches down to collect a sample with his fingers, bringing it to his mouth and slurping it off.

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