ChaosMen – Cesar Rossi and Ryan St Michael Serviced

ChaosMen – Cesar Rossi and Ryan St Michael Serviced


RELEASE DATE:12 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 918 MB


We find Ryan St. Michael reclined on the bed in his white boxers as Cesar Rossi joins him. Cesar explores Ryan’s furry body, then reaches up through the leg of Ryan’s boxers, stroking and teasing Ryan’s cock before pulling it through his fly.

The two kiss as Cesar strokes Ryan’s dick, then Cesar leans forward and takes Ryan’s cock into his mouth. Ryan throws his head back, groaning and placing his hand on the back of Cesar’s head, encouraging him to go deeper.

Cesar pulls off Ryan’s boxers, then spends some time licking and sucking on Ryan’s nuts before returning to his cock. Cesar rises to his knees and pulls away his shorts, exposing his hard, uncut dick. Hungry for cock, Ryan immediately leans forward, taking Cesar’s dick into his mouth with enthusiasm.

The two swap places again as Cesar returns to Ryan’s cock. Ryan rises to his knees as they stroke each other’s dicks, then Cesar kneels forward to continue showcasing his throating skills.

Ryan and Cesar move into a 69 position, sucking and throating each other’s cocks mutually. Ryan reaches around and teases Cesar’s hole with the tip of his finger.

As Ryan approaches climax, he moves into a reclined position on the bed so Cesar can devote his full attention to Ryan’s cock. Ryan’s legs quake as he shoots a thick load across Cesar’s cheek.

Cesar rises to his knees, straddling Ryan’s head, giving Ryan access to Cesar’s balls which he feverishly licks as Cesar fires his load across Ryan’s hairy chest, all the way down to Ryan’s thigh. Ryan thoughtfully cleans Cesar’s cock head with his tongue.

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