ChaosMen – Cesar Rossi and Mac Savage Serviced

ChaosMen – Cesar Rossi and Mac Savage Serviced


RELEASE DATE:5 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 738 MB


We find Cesar Rossi and Mac Savage standing next to the massage table. Cesar instructs Mac to lay down on the table, and Mac obliges. Cesar begins to apply massage oil to Mac’s back, and Mac remarks that the oil feels nice and warm.

Cesar works on Mac’s back first, rubbing from Mac’s shoulders down to the top of his ass. Cesar gets a little friendlier, leaning in and pressing his package against the top of Mac’s head as he works his way further down Mac’s back.

Mac reaches up and grabs Cesar’s thighs, pulling him in closer before placing both arms by his sides. Cesar moves to the side of the massage table, adding more oil and concentrating his efforts on Mac’s cheeks, subtly exploring Mac’s ass as he does so. Cesar pulls Mac’s cheeks wide, showing us Mac’s hole. Mac moans as Cesar uses his fingers to tease Mac’s hole before leaning in for a taste.

Cesar tongue-fucks Mac’s ass as Mac moans even louder. As Cesar reaches down to play with Mac’s package, Mac spreads his legs a little wider. We get a view from between Mac’s legs as Cesar continues to stimulate Mac’s dick and balls.

With Cesar standing at the side of the table, Mac reaches out with his right hand, playfully cupping and rubbing Cesar’s bulge through his briefs. Cesar pulls his waistband down, exposing his hardening cock for Mac to play with.

Mac flips on to his back and Cesar starts to focus his attention on Mac’s fat dick. Leaning in, Cesar takes Mac’s cock into his mouth. We watch as Cesar throats Mac’s dick while Mac pinches and rubs his own nipples, pausing occasionally to reach out and play with Cesar’s uncut dick.

Cesar alternates his technique between using just his mouth, just his hands, and a combination of both. Mac leans up and watches with delight as Cesar adds more lube. We watch as Mac’s entire body twitches with pleasure.

With Mac ready to nut, Cesar transitions to using his hands as he quickens his stroke. Mac shoots a thick cum that dribbles down Cesar’s hand as Cesar leans in to taste a sample. With his cock extra sensitive, Mac braces himself with his hands as Cesar relentlessly teases Mac’s cum-covered cock.

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