ChaosMen – Brody Fox Solo

ChaosMen – Brody Fox Solo


RELEASE DATE:22 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 695 MB
Model:Brody Fox


We find red-headed newcomer Brody Fox relaxing on the bed in some red shorts as he delivers his candid interview. Brody reveals that he’s not exactly a ‘Gold Star Gay,’ having dabbled in heterosexual sex a couple times, but he identifies as exclusively gay now.

Brody loves rough sex when he’s the bottom, and the opposite when he’s the top. It really seems like this young stud knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to enjoy it!

During his interview, you may notice a glorious pink dildo placed casually on the bedside table. As with all of our models, we like to establish their boundaries before filming, and Brody revealed off-camera prior to the start of his interview that he likes toys. We asked if he’d be comfortable playing with one during his solo, to which he emphatically replied, ‘Yes, please!’ We let Brody select the toy of his choice.

Brody stands next to the bed and strips off his shorts, showcasing his tight body for the camera before crawling back on to the bed, grabbing some lube, and getting down to business. He strokes his cock in a reverse endless tunnel motion with both hands, which quickly makes his dick fully-erect.

Brody clearly loves to jack off, evidenced by the adorable and mischievous smile he keeps flashing at the camera while he plays with himself. He rises to his knees and continues to stroke his cock, pausing to slap it playfully against the palm of his hand while peering at you through the lens.

Ready for the toy, Brody leans over and grabs the dildo and some lube. He slicks it and his ass up, then easily slides it balls-deep into his hungry hole. We watch as his eyes roll into the back of his head, rocking back and forth as he strokes and fucks himself with his toy.

Feeling his climax fast-approaching, Brody flips over onto his back, leaving the toy deep in his ass. He positions himself so that he can rock back and forth onto the dildo against the bed, then works out a thick load that he cums into his belly fur. Brody tastes a sample of his cum as we thank him for coming in today!

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