ChaosMen – Blake Ryan and Troy Hardt RAW

ChaosMen – Blake Ryan and Troy Hardt RAW


RELEASE DATE:30 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 884 MB


Just back from the ‘Upside Down’, we find Blake Ryan and Troy Hardt making out in their briefs. Blake wastes no time making his way down to Troy’s fat dick, pulling it out of Troy’s briefs to discover that it’s already rock-hard.

Troy face-fucks Blake, who does his absolute best to accommodate all of Troy’s dick down his throat. Troy peels away his briefs and lays back on the bed as Blake continues to give him a deep, sloppy BJ.

Blake rises to his knees so Troy can return the favor. Blake instructs Troy to take his cock ‘all the way fucking down,’ which Troy does with enthusiasm. We watch as Troy takes Blake’s fat dick down his throat as Blake pushes down against the back of Troy’s head.

Blake spins around onto all-fours, giving Troy easy access to his ‘big muscle butt.’ Troy dives in tongue-first, working vigilantly to lubricate Blake’s hole in preparation for his cock.

Troy rises, adds some lube, and presses his cockhead against Blake’s hole. Blake begs for him to put it in as Troy slides his cock deep into Blake’s hungry hole. Troy is up to speed in no time, reaching forward and grabbing Blake’s shoulders for leverage as Blake encourages Troy to fuck him harder, deeper, and faster.

Blake flips over on to his back and Troy plunges back into his ass. Blake strokes his own cock as Troy slams harder against Blake’s prostate. Blake strokes faster as he reaches climax, shooting his load all over his stomach and across the sheets.

Troy pulls out and shoots his load all over Blake’s ass, then slides his cock back into Blake’s hole. Blake’s tight ass milks out every last drop of cum from Troy’s dick.

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