ChaosMen – Axel Noxx and Brody Fox RAW

ChaosMen – Axel Noxx and Brody Fox RAW


RELEASE DATE:16 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 864 MB


We find Axel Noxx and Brody Fox making out on the bed, voraciously exploring each other’s bodies like they’ve been without human contact for weeks.

Axel kisses his way down to Brody’s shorts, pulling out Brody’s cock and taking it deep into his mouth as Brody lets out a load moan. Brody always looks so happy to be getting his dick sucked, like it’s the first time ever. We love his enthusiasm!

Brody loses his shorts entirely and Axel really gets to work, throating Brody’s cock deeper and faster, pausing occasionally to come up for a kiss while stroking Brody’s dick with his hand.

The two trade places, and we get a great look at Brody’s puckered hole as he takes Axel’s cock into his mouth. As always, Brody works Axel’s dick like he’s dying and the only antidote is inside Axel’s cock. He really sounds hungry for Axel’s load!

The pair swap places again, as Axel just can’t get enough of Brody’s ginger cock. Brody lets out an adorable chuckle as Axel wraps his lips around Brody’s dick.

Axel climbs up, mounting Brody in a cowboy-style position. Axel reaches behind himself and aims Brody’s cock at his ass before lowering himself down on to it. Axel begins to ride, bouncing and grinding on Brody’s cock. Brody grabs Axel’s hips for leverage, then begins to fuck upward, relentlessly pounding Axel’s hungry hole.

Axel leaps off, then lays on his back on the bed. Brody plunges right back in to Axel’s ass, then reaches forward, grabbing the back of Axel’s neck, pulling Axel deeper onto his dick as he pounds harder with each thrust. We watch from underneath as Brody’s balls slap against Axel’s ass.

As Brody approaches climax, he pulls out and hoists his right leg on to the bed. He declares that he’s going to cum, then shoots his load all over Axel’s stomach. Spent, Brody leans in for a kiss as the camera pans away.

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