ChaosMen – Amone Bane and Christian Ryder Edge

ChaosMen – Amone Bane and Christian Ryder Edge


RELEASE DATE:14 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 480 MB


Amone Bane and Christian Ryder enter the room as Amone instructs Christian to make his way over to the St. Andrews Cross. Amone explains how things are going to go… that he’s in charge, and that Christian is allowed to cum when HE lets him.

Amone secures Christian’s wrists, then begins to kiss his way down Christian’s body as he rubs Christian’s cock through his shorts. Amone leans in and whispers ‘You’re mine now, boy…’ Christian acknowledges with a breathy ‘Yes sir,’ and Amone gets to work.

Amone pulls Christian’s dick out through his fly and orders Christian to ‘Get it hard for me.’ Christian’s cock stiffens and Amone takes it into his mouth as he reaches up to play with Christian’s pierced nipples.

Amone spits and slobbers all over Christian’s dick, slicking it up as Christian begins to moan faster and faster. Amone stands and gives Christian’s dick a few playful slaps, then kneels down and says ‘Ok… let’s do this again.’

Amone works Christian back up to a frenzy, then stops again abruptly to peel away Christian’s briefs before leaning in and taking it back into his mouth. Amone looks and watches as he asks Christian if he wants to cum. Christian begs, but Amone refuses, stopping abruptly again.

Amone repeatedly works Christian to the brink of climax before pausing, edging Christian over and over again. Realizing that Christian can’t take much more, Amone finally lets Christian cum. Christian shoots his load all over Amone’s face, and we watch as Amone stands and blindly tries to find his way to Christian’s mouth. The two share a cummy kiss before Amone removes Christian’s restraints and steps away.

Stay tuned past the end credits for an endearing ‘behind the scenes’ look at Amone’s struggle to find his way out of the room with a face coated in cum!

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