ChaosMen – Adrian Rose and Colton Scott Edge

ChaosMen – Adrian Rose and Colton Scott Edge


RELEASE DATE:28 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 683 MB


Adrian Rose and Colton Scott enter the edging chamber. Adrian leads Colton over to the St. Andrews Cross, secures his wrists, and adds a blindfold. Adrian wastes no time, immediately getting to work on Colton’s nipples as he reaches down to tease Colton’s cock through his white boxers.

Adrian pulls Colton’s cock through his fly begins to throat it. Colton lets out an ‘Oh fuck…’ as Adrian takes him deeper. Adrian peels away Colton’s boxers entirely, spits on Colton’s cock, then begins to stroke him furiously before stopping abruptly to give Colton’s balls some attention, taking them into his mouth.

Adrian returns his attention to Colton’s cock, throating it balls-deep, gagging occasionally. But that’s exactly how Adrian likes it – a ‘Goldicocks’ dick – just big enough to offer him a challenge.

Sensing Colton getting close to the edge, Adrian stands, removes his own boxers, then moves in to play with both of their cocks together, giving Colton some time to cool down before getting back to work. Adrian brings Colton to the brink repeatedly, stopping each time to vary his technique.

Finally ready to let Colton cum, Adrian furiously strokes Colton’s cock until Colton fires his load clear across Adrian’s face and shoulder. Adrian opens his mouth and gobbles up as much as he can, savoring every drop.

Adrian stands and strokes his own cock until he shoots his nut all over Colton’s stomach and pubes, coating him in his cum. Adrian squeezes out every last drop, then moves in for a kiss before removing Colton’s restraints.

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