Bromo – Hole Smasher

Bromo – Hole Smasher


RELEASE DATE:20 July 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 4.51 GB


Featuring Bo Sinn, Drew Dixon, Eddie Rabbit, Franky Maloney & Steve Rickz

Bromo presents Hole Smasher starring Bo Sinn, Steve Rickz, Drew Dixon, Eddie Rabbit, and Franky Maloney.

Squirt Bitch: Face down, ass up, that’s the way Bo Sinn likes Steve Rickz as he fills the bottom’s ass with milk. Steve shoots it out and Bo gets to watch from every angle as the milk hits the mirror. Next, Bo sweetens the bottom up with thick, sticky honey in his tight hole, finally squeezing in a load of lube before sliding his cock inside. Steve cleans the milk and honey off Bo’s cock with his tongue, then rides that dick till he cums, and Bo fills Steve’s ass one last time with his jizz, then tells him to squirt, bitch.

Twink Destroyer: When Bo Sinn arrives at Eddie Rabbit’s house to deliver food, the unsuspecting twink has no idea what’s in store for him. Bo grabs Eddie and offers the hungry brown haired dude his thick uncut cock, shoving it down his eager throat until Eddie can barely take it. Soon Bo decides it’s time to kick things up, bending the twink over to annihilate his hole with a merciless pounding before blowing a huge load all over Eddie.

Punch That Hole: Drew Dixon’s hungry hole needs more than just one finger… it needs all of them. Luckily, Bo Sinn is ready to lend Drew a hand. Bo teases Drew’s ass with just the tip, then slowly slides more and more digits inside until he’s fisting the bottom’s voracious hole. When Drew is good and stretched out, Bo fucks him doggystyle and that dick is so good, Drew licks Bo’s boots.

Take It: Tattooed top Bo Sinn loves dominating men, and his favorite moment is always the look of surprise on a new guy’s face at seeing Bo’s big dick for the first time. Today, that guy is Franky Maloney, who waits for Bo face down, ass up on the bed in only a jock strap. Bo tests out how well Franky can take that huge cock in his throat before making him take a deep doggystyle pounding, and Franky wants every last inch.

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