BrokeStraightBoys – My First Time Topping – Chris Star and Leo King

BrokeStraightBoys – My First Time Topping – Chris Star and Leo King


RELEASE DATE:10 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 749 MB


Easing into it, Leo and Chris kiss slowly as they gently caress each other’s bulges. Sliding his red underwear down to his ankles, Chris prepares his cock for the brief moment of Leo’s lips touching it.

Taking in from the tip down the shaft, Leo King envelopes the hard cock with his throat. At times, Chris rests his hand on Leo’s head, encouraging him a little further onto his cock and feeling his dick get covered in saliva. His cock is completely hard now, thick in Leo’s fist. Up and down on the tip he bobs before Chris takes over and fucks his mouth from the mattress. A slight choke on the huge dick, Leo comes up for air before committing again to a deep-throated cock massage.

Attention in Leo’s cock now, Chris’s mouth does its best to swell his stiffening member. He sucks while Leo tugs on Chris’s cock. They are both hard from the enjoyable sensation of wet lips.

Chris prepares himself to get fucked by lowering his cock gently onto Leo’s erect dick as he lay there in wait. He bounces on his cock while Leo holds Chris’s hips and feels his tightness surrounded. Moans fill the room when Chris Star rocks back and forth. Gaining comfort and confidence, Leo starts to participate, rocking his hips under Chris’s weight, pushing himself deeper into him.

Rolling to their sides, Leo pulses in and out of Chris’s tight asshole, spreading his leg to the air for complete access. “Fuck” is the only world Chris has, repeated over again in various rhythms of intensity. Topping in the missionary position, Leo enters Chris again, gyrating his hips as he embraces this entirely new experience.

Despite the intense pleasure topping clearly brings Leo, Chris is the first to orgasm. Jerking his cock as cum spills out onto his stomach. The combination of heightened arousal and visual stimulation brings Leo to his climax shortly afterwards. He pulls out and finishes right on top of Chris – as a top is to do.

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