Breed Me Raw – Parker Logan and Sebastian Sax

Breed Me Raw – Parker Logan and Sebastian Sax


RELEASE DATE:12 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 708 MB


Sebastian Sax works at a bathhouse and, although he sometimes wonders how he might do better, things are sometimes kinda nice. You see, cleaning up after other men have fucked and spilled their seed…well, it can be a dirty job. Except, the way Sebastian sees it, someone’s gotta do it. Right? It might as well be a freaky sexaholic who can’t get out of his mind the images of sweaty, hairy, horny men shooting their spunk and coming all over or inside each other. That’s where Sebastian comes in. His job might not be glitzy or glamorous but the gig comes with the occasional perk. Like this one time, after a huge fuck party. Seb is called in to clean-up and when he realizes he missed a spot, he wonders what might have happened there, imagining how the scene might have looked the night before. With such foul thoughts preying on his mind and getting him even hornier, Sebastian is ready for anything Parker Logan — who suddenly appears beside him — might dish out. And so, on his back, legs up in the air, looking up at the bearded and tattooed hung top fucking him bareback, pounding him hard and seeding his hole with that huge cock, all Sebastian can think of is…Fuck, I love my job! Ok. Back to work.

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