Boys Halfway House – Incident 346 – Lip Service – Taylor B

Boys Halfway House – Incident 346 – Lip Service – Taylor B


RELEASE DATE:1 November 2022
SIZE: 333 MB
Model:Taylor B


It’s not difficult to miss our mandatory meetings. They occur regularly, and we emphasize attendance all the time. However, it must just be too much for a young man like this dipshit to pull himself away from his candy crush or whatever the hell it is. It’s guys like him that piss the House Manager’s off the most. It’s not just the lack of any ambition or motivation, it’s the complete disdain for the entire process of recovery. You see, these guys don’t even realize that they have a problem. Life is one big joke, and as long as they have Internet service they think that they will be just fine. Meanwhile, they fall deeper into addiction. Well, we are here to break that habit with them. Sometimes all it takes is a wake up call. This jerkoff’s first wakeup call happened to be his House Manager’s cock shoved down his throat.

Unlike some, this resident seems to not have much of a gag reflex. He sure is heavy on the saliva, and that surely helps. It didn’t stop those cock tears from streaming down his face however. I put him through the ringer when it comes to dick sucking, and to tell you the truth, I was impressed. He’s got a small frame and equally small mouth, but those lips of his feel great, and he can work wonders with his tongue. I skull fucked him with his head hanging off of the bed, and he took it pretty well. It took him a little while to get me off, but seeing as he isn’t used to lifting a finger to do anything, he sure did put in some work. I came buckets inside his mouth, and it was one of the better blowjobs I’d gotten from a slacker. It makes me think that his little boy pussy will be getting my cock soon. It’s important to differentiate between lip service and actually making a change, and he will learn this lesson soon enough.

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