BoyFun – Wet Daydream – Adam Keller and Elio Pjatteryd

BoyFun – Wet Daydream – Adam Keller and Elio Pjatteryd


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Anyone who enjoys constructing a good fantasy in their own head can appreciate what we’re entering into when we find this twink fantasizing in bed about slim boys Adam Keller and Elio Pjatteryd. The BoyFun starts to unfold in his mind while he gropes the hardening cock in his shorts and it’s no wonder the young man is getting so worked up thinking about these two delightful young friends.

We join the fantasy as Elio and Adam make out in the bedroom, soon slipping out of their clothes to enjoy the taste of hard young penis in their mouths.

The twinks swap their stiff erections in the most delicious way, licking their bulging tips and slipping their lips down the veined shafts toward their friend’s plump balls. It’s clear these two know a few things about orally servicing a pal, and we’d all love to be their pal.

Needless to say, oral isn’t their only skill.

Elio is soon offering his tight little bareback butt and his friend fingers and toys with him before easing his naked penis deep inside, fucking his friend from behind.

With some good raw thrusts to get things started little Elio is quickly flipping for a little missionary ramming, enjoying the feel of Adam’s raging erection inside his hole.

The boy takes more control when he hops on to straddle Adam’s inches, riding his buddy until Adam can’t stop the cum from blasting out in a messy display, covering Elio’s fucked hole with his milky goo.

With a little tender fingering of Elio’s sticky hole and bulging taint the boy spits his own spermy mess out over himself to end their afternoon of mutual pleasure, we can only assume the boy fantasizing about them has pumped his own salty teen boy cream by the time they’re done – we certainly have.

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