BoyFun – Strip Chess – Alan Stark and Elio Pjatteryd

BoyFun – Strip Chess – Alan Stark and Elio Pjatteryd


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Chess is a very serious game, but it can become a lot less serious when you’re a horny twink boy with a hard cock in your pants and you want to get a friend out of their pants too. Sweet boys Alan Stark and Elio Pjatteryd turn it into strip chess and it’s no surprise the two are soon abandoning it for some stiff-dicked BoyFun.

As soon as blond boy Elio has his long and hard cock out and his hot little ass on display his friend Alan is making clear that the game is over, his own stiff dick quickly in his wanking hand while he pumps his uncut penis and watches his friend showing off and teasing.

With a suck of Alan’s dripping wet cock and a little spit for Elio’s snug pucker the blond boy takes that bareback dick deep in his ass, fucked from behind right there on the floor.

Alan knows how to take it slow, easing in and out to open up the boy’s hole with his warm raw length before picking up the pace for a good ramming.

Taking a few minutes to enjoy the taste of Elio’s big juicy banana cock young Alan licks and slurps the glistening tip, pleasuring his pal with his tongue and lips before driving his own prong right back into the boy’s hole for a second round of intense fucking.

The final ride is enough to have them splashing out their hot milky loads. The blond boy impales himself on his friend’s rampant erection, his own cock super stiff and ready to burst, bouncing on his buddy until they can’t stop their cum from shooting off.

Elio enjoys a splashing and a taste of his friend’s fresh cream before jerking out his own in a climactic mess.

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