BoyFun – Ron Negba is Naughty

BoyFun – Ron Negba is Naughty


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JD Black has great taste in guys, sexy Ron Negba knows he can turn to his sweet little wingman to help him get some BoyFun. It just so happens that a gorgeous boy is right around the corner, within moments of sending him a message David Sky is ringing the doorbell and coming inside to get some cock. JD leaves them to it, no doubt planning his own fun with someone else, leaving the boys to get to know each other. It doesn’t take a moment before they’re making out, barely introducing themselves before they’re exploring each other, releasing their hard young erections and swapping their wet cocks. Both David and Ron have awesome dicks, hard and juicy, throbbing with delight at the prospect of some deep anal action. Each gets his fill, licking and sucking on the other’s tool, sharing the taste of precum between them until Ron finds himself bent over with a tongue up his snug little hole. David laps at his delicious little pucker, licking out his new buddy and preparing him for his meat, savouring the musky crevice while he probes the boy. Sitting back on the couch and presenting his prized piece of manhood David invites his host to take a seat, an offer quickly accepted. Ron eases his naked hole down, filling himself with his guest’s warm shaft, fucked raw while his own dick bounces around. As their moans of pleasure echo around the room, the slim young twink takes it from behind on the floor, his cock and balls swinging between his thin thighs with every thrust. David goes deeper still when he gets his new pal on his back, on the couch and buggered with slow and sensual strokes until the pleasure becomes too much. A splashing eruption of cum launches from his hooded cock, his hole twitching and pulsating around David’s shaft, encouraging him to release his boner from the boys well-worked hole to spew his own milky goo all over the boy’s abs. It might have been just a convenient hookup but it seems these two adorable boys have both found a long-term fuck buddy!

Handsome boy Will Kade has been having quite the adventure while on his travels, meeting gorgeous twinks like Ron Negba. He can’t wait to tell his friend all about the horny BoyFun he shared with him. He might not remember how he got back to the blond boy’s apartment, but he can certainly remember what his cock tasted like, the skills he had sucking his own stiff meat and the feel of the adorable boy’s naked boner plunging in and out of his hole! We join him in his incredible flashback, watching as the two start their horny encounter on the living room floor, making out and stripping naked to reveal their stiff young erections. Sporty Will has a delicious boner for Ron to gobble, but the slim boy’s meat is just as tasty when they get into an amazing session of mutual oral, their cocks glistening wet with precum and spit as they service each other. Fans of dick slurping will wonder how they refrained from spewing their seed in each other’s gobs, but when they move to the bedroom and Ron eases his naked shaft between those pale cheeks to fill up the handsome lad it all becomes clear. Why make do with some mutual sucking when the fucking is this good!? Ron humps his raw shaft in and out of his new friend, owning his sweet little hole all over the bed, fucking his buddy from behind, giving him an amazing ride on his turgid length and finishing up with Will on his back taking a powerful jabbing of teen dick inside him. His raw ass feels so good around that dick, it’s no wonder Ron spews so much semen all over his friend when he pulls out to unleash his cream, erupting lashings of cock juice! He’s not done yet, the boy slides his wet cock right back in to help Will with his own gushing ball juice. It’s no wonder Will’s friend is so jealous, but he probably just needs to ask for his turn.

If you had the opportunity to ogle cute little twink Ron Negba in the shower, would you pass it up? Curiosity gets the better of his fit buddy Matthew Sommer, standing in the doorway and groping his growing dick while he gazes hungrily at the young man. Surprisingly, although Ron seems a little annoyed when he discovers the kinky boy spying on him, it’s not long before he’s dragging him into the living room to share his delicious dong in some BoyFun antics! The young man’s incredible cock is truly a sight to behold, but it tastes even better than it looks, something lucky Matthew soon discovers when the lean teen slides his length into his friend’s mouth. It’s clear that this isn’t the first length of stiff young manhood Matthew has serviced, licking Ron’s balls, sucking the tip and stroking that shaft with skill. It goes without saying that Ron is equally talented in the cock-pleasing department, something he soon displays when his friend’s equally tempting manhood is out of his underwear and slipping between his lips. Watch as he plays with the sensitive glans, rubbing it with his fingers! Thankfully the intensity of that pleasure isn’t too much and Matthew can hold his cum back for the main event, sliding his naked little ass down on that dong and riding Ron’s rod while his own dick swings and bounces. Their moans of pleasure ring out and bounce around the room as Ron’s bareback cock slides in and out of his friend in a spooning position, getting deep and brushing the boy’s sweet spot, but it’s the thrusting into the boy on his back that finally gets those cum loads gushing. With Matthew splashed with hot white goo Ron slurps the cream from his friend, sharing the sticky mess in a kiss. I guess Matthew can simply join his friend in the shower from now on and forget all the spying, but something tells me he’ll want to do that anyway.

Could you imagine living with sexy young Ron Negba and having the time to sit alone in your room reading a book? Cure Gregor Gilead is attempting to do just that when the hot little guy bounces onto his bed and wastes no time groping the boy and looking for some hot and heavy BoyFun. It’s perhaps understandable that Gregor’s protestations are only fleeting, he might have had other plans but when this horny little devil wants to suck some cock and lure a friend into a full-on bareback ride there aren’t many who would have the fortitude to resist. Needless to say, both boys are soon shirtless and Ron has successfully persuaded his slim roommate with a few kisses and some playful groping, quickly getting those throbbing young erections out for some delicious dick slurping oral. The taste of precum only drives them on for more, with Gregor happy to take a ride. He straddles his insistent pal and eases his naked rump down on that big boner, sliding up and down on Ron’s stiff tool while his own engorged length bounces and swings. It’s just an appetizer, of course, with a little break for some ball sucking from cute little Ron the skinny lad is laying back and offering his tight hole once again, banged missionary and moaning with delight. His book is completely forgotten by the time he’s getting some ass-to-mouth action on his friend’s wet length, then laying on his side for some deep and penetrating spooning. The short and rapid jabbing of his inches in that snug little pucker does the job for Gregor, wanking his juicy load from his dick as the pleasure courses through his body. Fit boy Ron is almost ready, humping that butt furiously and pulling out just in time to decorate his friend’s cock and balls with his own splashing climax! It’s hard to believe Gregor needed any persuasion at all, but I guess he’ll be less reluctant the next time Ron offers his stiff young dick.

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