BoyFun – Rimmed By A Redhead – Harry Davis & Ronan Keane

BoyFun – Rimmed By A Redhead – Harry Davis & Ronan Keane


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Lean and cute Ronan Keane isn’t very experienced with other guys, but he’s about to get a great lesson in the pleasures of rimming with greedy redhead Harry Davis in this BoyFun play session.

With a few tender smooches Harry has his friend distracted from whatever he was looking for out of the window and their attention is soon on the swelling penises in their pants.

Their tender make out session only gets steamier when they hit the sheets and their clothes start coming off. With their swollen bulges in their sexy briefs rubbing together Harry entices his friend into letting him suck it, and you can bet young Ronan is enjoying the pleasure of that experienced mouth on his generous uncut dong.

The slim little novice is quite new to the pleasures of cock, at least those other than his own, but the moment he tastes Harry’s oversized meat he’s clearly hooked. He licks, slurps and bobs on that cock like he’s discovered a new skill and although he’d likely make the boy spurt the rimming he takes soon has him open for that cock to slide right in.

Harry knows how to lick a little pucker, and with some slurps of his skilled tongue he has Roman ready for his warm length.

Little Roman doesn’t need lessons in getting fucked, that’s for sure. Spooned and hopping on for a ride the boy’s cock swings and bounces with pleasure, feeling Harry move inside him until he’s furiously wanking his own dick and making a milky mess of himself.

All he needs now is a cum blast to the face, a task his redheaded hole licker is more than capable of completing.

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