BoyFun – Naughty and Natural – Jake Olsen and Curtis Cameron

BoyFun – Naughty and Natural – Jake Olsen and Curtis Cameron


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Jake Olsen and Curtis Cameron make an adorable couple, out for a stroll in the countryside, enjoying the shade of the woods outside town and getting a little hot and horny on a park bench. Enjoying some BoyFun out in the open can be a real thrill, but Curtis is mortified when Jake hauls his long uncut cock out and starts wanking in full view of anyone who might pass by.

Of course, even a polite and law-abiding boy like Curtis can’t resist the opportunity to give a gorgeous dick like that some wanks and he’s soon succumbed to the temptation, only to be interrupted by a strolling local.

That’s too risky a prospect for these boys so they’re soon heading off for a little more privacy, heading home for some real fun together after that tempting display.

The two fit boys don’t make it past the kitchen before their cocks are released for sucking, taking turns to lick and slurp each other with greed, removing their clothes to reveal their smooth and fit bodies while they feast on the dining table.

If ever there was a more tempting meal I haven’t seen it. With Jake lapping at his boy’s tight little hole he soon has his friend prepped for that naked young cock, easing his bareback boner between Curtis’ cheeks and filling him up.

It certainly beats a wank in the woods, the feel of his long cock pumping inside Curtis from behind, than with the boy on his back and his own dick leaking pre onto his belly with every thrust of the generous length inside him.

With both young men desperate for release Curtis wanks his hot splashing cream from his swollen inches, spurting his juices up his naked body while Jake pulls out and heads north, ready to spill his seed all over Curtis’ face in a final act of horny communion.

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