BoyFun – Hung Boys Hang Out – Harry Davis and Jake Hunter

BoyFun – Hung Boys Hang Out – Harry Davis and Jake Hunter


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It’s doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to work out what’s going to happen when a couple of gorgeous, horny and well endowed young guys get together for a smooch on the couch. That’s exactly what we’re joining in this new BoyFun video with cuties Jake Hunter and Harry Davis. There is no big story, no elaborate plan and no excuses needed for these adorable twinks to kiss and grope on the couch. They’re driven by their lustful intent, stripping down slowly to reveal their smooth bodies and those big bulging penises. It’s mere moments before Jake is gobbling on the generous dong of sexy Harry, but you can be assured his own big penis is going to get plenty of the same in return. With two such well-hung young guys and two totally greedy boys it might be hard to predict which of these two is going to get his tight little pucker filled with warm and raw cock, but this mystery is soon set to rest when Harry bends over and offer’s his gorgeous little rump. Jake slips into him from behind and fucks him good and deep before the red headed boy takes a much-needed ride on his pal’s pleasure stick. The thrusting of his hole while the boy lays back on the couch is what ultimately brings both boys to their creamy conclusion, with Harry wanking out his thick mess over himself and Jake squirting his own fresh semen over his bareback bottom buddy. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon together.

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