BoyFun – Card Gaymes – Harry Davis and Liam Miller

BoyFun – Card Gaymes – Harry Davis and Liam Miller


RELEASE DATE:1 April 2021
SIZE: 693 MB


Big-dicked redhead boy Harry Davis isn’t the kind of boy to turn down a game of strip cards with his horny friend Liam Miller. In truth the self-confessed “bottom bitch” doesn’t really need to find an excuse to get his friend naked for some BoyFun, he could have just asked.

Still, it’s fun to see Harry playing along as their clothes come off. As soon as Harry’s long uncut cock is out in the open his friend is abandoning the pretense and sucking on the offered member, slurping the hooded pink length and revealing his own generous twink dong from his boxers.

Living up to his fashion statement t-shirt young Liam is soon up on the couch wearing nothing but his white socks, his smooth ass presented for his redheaded card-playing pal to lick and slurp. Harry gets his buddy wet with spit and soon slides his naked pole between those hairless cheeks, filling Liam from behind and pumping his uncut bareback inches in and out of the warm opening.

Liam shows his experience when he gets the chance to take a ride, straddling his buddy and sinking his tight pucker down on the presented erection, his own cock and balls bouncing while he slides up and down, using his friend’s dick to get them both closer to a big messy finish.

A little deep spooning does the job. Liam wanks his load out with his pal deep in his hole, his cum splashing over his stomach and the sofa, finishing with his redheaded top pulling out to point his dick and spurt his juicy goo right in his cute friend’s face.

We don’t know who was winning at cards but it’s clear they both win at fucking.

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