BoyFun – Bad Influence – Darin Boswell and Johnny Walsh

BoyFun – Bad Influence – Darin Boswell and Johnny Walsh


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Every young man has that one friend who seems determined to lead them astray, but if that leads to some hard young cocks being enjoyed in some sexy BoyFun it can be forgiven.

Sweet young Darin Boswell is being the responsible boy, studying hard and focused on his homework, but when Johnny Walsh arrives with sex on his mind it’s not long before the twink is convinced to take a break and suck on his friend’s juicy wet dong. No sane boy could possibly resist some friendly slurps.

A little kissing and groping is all that’s needed and within moments his lips are around the long and stiff boner. Fit boy Johnny lays back and enjoys the pleasure of his pal’s sucking mouth but it’s obvious he came for something more than just a blow job.

He’s eager to get a taste of his studious friend’s penis in return, the long and glistening shape soon oozing precum into his mouth as he bobs up and down on the warm meat.

Johnny isn’t the only one bobbing up and down, with his prick presented Darin is ready to learn a good lesson in riding cock as he slides his pucker down on the bareback length, his ass wrapped around the meaty pole while he bounces.

It’s clear who the teacher is in this scenario when Johnny takes his friend in an opposing face-down fuck, pumping his dick between those smooth cheeks from above, top-to-tail.

A little spooning drives that experienced dick in deeper and with some well delivered thrusts he soon has them both ready to splash out their cum wads, wanking off together until cute student Darin is splashed in the face, his own juicy goo leaping from his swollen helmet.

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