Boy Fun – Virile For The Visitor – Luke Geer, Oliver Morgenson

Boy Fun – Virile For The Visitor – Luke Geer, Oliver Morgenson


RELEASE DATE:29 May 2020
SIZE: 602 MB


It’s important to be friendly when you encounter a neighbor, but some are far more welcoming than others. Handsome young jock Luke Geer is the kind of boy who knows a few special ways to make a visitor feel truly welcome, as young blond Oliver Morgenson discovers in this horny afternoon session of neighborly BoyFun.

It’s perhaps no surprise that handsome and incredibly fit Luke only needs to make eye contact with a boy on the street below to have them climbing the stairs to meet in person. Wouldn’t you rush up there to see what he was offering?

Twinky Oliver can’t wait, and it appears his host can’t either as the two meet with a smooch and fall onto the couch, groping and removing clothes.

Luke truly is a remarkably well made young man, but it’s not just his handsome face and athletic body that entices us all. Oliver reveals the young man’s cock and we see a delicious tanned and hard length of intact jock cock, hooded and damp with pre, ready for his guest to suck.

No doubt Luke loves the attention, enjoying the feel of a talented mouth on his urgent member, but he’s soon ready to return the favor and get a taste of his new pal’s prick.

If this is his first time sucking a dick he hides it well, with natural instinct quickly kicking in. Watch as he slurps and licks the helmet, easing the foreskin back to deliver the most intense pleasure directly.

It certainly works for young Oliver. Luke toys with his hairless hole and soon has his guest sliding his raw ass down on his dong, taking his steely meat pole for a ride and getting a good fucking from behind before laying back to be taken to the limit.

The mess Oliver takes in the final moments has to be seen to be believed. They say a big load shows how much fun a guy had, and if that’s the case Luke had the best time of his life. He drenches Oliver in such an incredible eruption of hot jock cum the boy is left dripping wet, no doubt ready to come back and visit again real soon.

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