Boy Fun – Torn Undies – Oleg Dostoevskii and Tony Keit

Boy Fun – Torn Undies – Oleg Dostoevskii and Tony Keit


RELEASE DATE:15 May 2023
SIZE: 800 MB


Wardrobe malfunctions can be embarrassing, especially if you’re out in public and going commando when your pants decide to spontaneously rip. Young Tony Keit isn’t in such a predicament in this BoyFun encounter, his ripped briefs are anything but an inconvenience when his friend Oleg Dostoevskii spies the tempting hole.

In fact, even before he spots the fleshy revelation he’s trapped by the tempting sight of young Tony’s big bulge in his snug shorts, enough to invite himself to grope and feel the cloth-covered package.

With the little gap in the material providing the perfect entry point Oleg is soon feeling around and probing his pal’s pucker with a digit, but he soon needs more space to get his cute face in there for some rimming.

Tony isn’t complaining about his torn briefs, not when he feels the pleasurable slurps of his buddy’s tongue between his plump little cheeks.

With a quick move to the bed and some tender kisses the two smooth boys are quickly sucking on hard uncut rods, swapping their tasty tools between them.

It seems young Oleg has already decided what he wants, and with Tony’s hole more than willing he eases his cock between the wanton cheeks and fucks his pal with his bareback penis, pumping his long meat in and out of Tony’s primed pucker.

The material is barely hanging on, the integrity of the boy’s underwear has been lost entirely as Oleg pulls them away and takes the opportunity for another taste of hole.

A determined ride and a thrusting missionary fuck leads to the ultimate destination, with sperm splashing from Oleg’s cock to douse his friend’s balls and taint, a wanked out shower of spooge from Tony’s cock blasting his cute top boy in the face.
s on his back. Then, with Cyrus’ legs spread wide open, both bareback fuckers unload onto Cryus’ body and leave him covered in cum.

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