Boy Fun – The Shower Snoop – Oliver Morgenson and Taylor Blaze

Boy Fun – The Shower Snoop – Oliver Morgenson and Taylor Blaze


RELEASE DATE:26 February 2019
SIZE: 1.04 GB


BoyFun – Oliver Morgenson & Taylor Blaze – The Shower Snoop.mp4
Blond stunner Taylor blaze is minding his own business in the shower when horny friend Oliver Morgenson decides to get a little creepy and spy on the boy. It has to be said that any sane young man would probably do exactly the same, given that this hot little Russian is so delicious and has such an incredible length of uncut cock to play with. Peeking around the door frame and groping his own growing boner in his pants our cute little voyeur gets an eyeful, but while he might have simply been seeking to get some visuals of his friend for his “wank bank” later, when Taylor spies him watching from the doorway he’s quickly inviting his pal in for some BoyFun. Dripping wet from the shower he gets to work on Oliver’s lovely hooded dick, sucking his friend right there in the bathroom, worshiping his juicy dong while his own pink length throbs. Moving to the bedroom for a little more comfort the two make out, their lips meeting while their dicks rub between them, Oliver soon wrapping his around the tasty schlong his sexy pal is offering. Their encounter soon becomes a veritable feast of incredible oral pleasures as the boys swap their engorged lengths, taking turns to lick and slurp their friend, moans of bliss escaping their lips while they encourage precum to dribble from their swollen tips. On his knees and with his balls hanging between his thighs Taylor is soon making clear what he expects, and Oliver is more than capable. The slim young man eases his naked erection between his friend’s butt cheeks, puncturing his tight little pucker and following his wet tip with every inch, easing in and out while their combined moans fill the room. Their loaded balls swing and sway with every thrust, the pleasure growing with each stroke. Oliver goes deeper when he has his friend on his back, pumping his tight little butt and shoving his bareback twink dick in and out, but it’s the deep probing his bottom pal receives when Taylor slides his rump down on that dick that finally gets them both to the edge. After pumping a hot mess of gooey young cum from his big boner Taylor slips off his friend’s dong just in time to plead for a big messy facial. After all that he’ll need another shower!

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