Boy Fun – The Rub ‘N Tug Boat – Johnny Walsh, Tony Milak

Boy Fun – The Rub ‘N Tug Boat – Johnny Walsh, Tony Milak


RELEASE DATE:27 October 2020
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.48 GB


Johnny Walsh is the kind of horny boy who doesn’t like to wait around for a convenient moment when his cock springs up and demands some attention. He’s taking a break from his duties on the boat to enjoy a little solo BoyFun, getting his long pink cock out for some rubbing, when equally horny Tony Malik catches him in the act.

It should go without saying that discovering another lad enjoying a sneaky wank is going to get Tony in the mood to join in and after the surprise of being caught fades young Johnny isn’t reluctant to have the company.

Every boy knows that two cocks are always better than one.

With some tender smooches and some groping hands Tony’s awesome pink cock is out for sucking and young Johnny is quick to get his lips around the big juicy tool, slurping the delicious dong and getting his own pert penis out for a little of the same.

While no doubt these boys could spend quite a while servicing each other on the back of the boat it makes far more sense to head inside for a proper ride.

No persuasion is needed before Tony is easing his raw hole down on that stiff length, riding his new bareback buddy with his own big uncut meat swinging with delight. Giving control to his handsome friend, Tony takes it on his side and on his back, the deeper thrusts clearly getting him closer to the finish line.

Finally, with their cocks being rubbed side by side on the couch Tony spurts his hot mess over himself in an impressive release, soon to be doubled by Johnny’s squirts in a messy finish.

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