Boy Fun – Smack My Bishop – Richard Hicks, Ron Negba

Boy Fun – Smack My Bishop – Richard Hicks, Ron Negba


RELEASE DATE:2 June 2020
SIZE: 614 MB


When the adorable Richard Hicks appears on screen all hearts melt and dicks become rigid. We all know he’s one of the most gorgeous little hotties we’ve ever seen, so watching him being ravaged by dominant boy Ron Negba is sure to have every BoyFun fan enjoying the show.

Richard isn’t exactly planning to “bash the bishop” while he’s setting up the chess board for a little intellectual game, but he’s soon persuaded into some friendly cock fun when bully boy Ron leaps in to mess things up.

Richard isn’t complaining, he’s more than happy for his buddy to take charge and demand what he wants, which is perhaps inevitably the tight little butt hole hidden between the mounds of Richard’s gorgeous rump.

With hard and wet uncut cocks released for sucking the boys swap their delicious tools in a session of tantalizing oral that could only have a viewer desperately wishing they were there to service both, but when Ron takes aim at that snug and warm little hole there’s no denying you’ll be imagining how good it feels to slide inside.

Ron takes his boy from the side, from behind and finally impaled on that naked shaft, the probing pleasure making Richard splash his thick white load out over the sheets. His mess is matched when Ron lifts his boy off and furiously wanks his impressive cock, erupting in his own copious fountain of dick cream.

As the boys head to the shower we’re left in no doubt that sexy little Richard is certainly no pawn when it comes to being fucked by his lucky friend.

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