Boy Fun – Morning Hookup – Jack Ganley and Ruben Bart

Boy Fun – Morning Hookup – Jack Ganley and Ruben Bart


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Fit young footballer Jack Ganley probably wasn’t expecting to be fucking a boy in the butt when he decided to go and visit his friend. Ruben Bart is left alone with the new arrival and within minutes he’s making a move, confident that the handsome young lad would be down for some BoyFun. His instincts are right and although there’s a language barrier there’s no translation needed with it comes to dick lust. It doesn’t take any convincing for Jack to be making out with his new friend, both stripping off their clothes and revealing their hard uncut cocks for each other. Handsome Jack might not be used to sucking cock, but he’s starting out with a feast of big boner with this boy! His own cock gets sucked into a stiffy, then it’s his turn to worship Ruben’s awesome length, stroking his thick shaft and slurping the precum out of his swollen tip. After moving to the bedroom things get even hotter, with our footballer scoring the perfect goal and giving young Ruben a ride on his raw meat. That ass is so snug around his cock, he loves the feel of that butt riding his length, moaning appreciatively as the cum load in his balls grows ready to be splashed. Taking control, Jack rams his new buddy on his back, then gets him from behind, making Ruben moan with delight as his dick jabs in and out of his hairless hole. A little break for some ass-to-mouth sucking and Ruben is soon ready to be fucked to the finish, spooned by the handsome young man until his cock is showering his smooth body with semen and Jack is pulling out to squirt jets of jock cum right into the boy’s mouth! Their mutual friend is gonna be so pissed he missed out on this horny fun!

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