Boy Fun – Ice to Meat You – Leo Anderson and Tom Heart

Boy Fun – Ice to Meat You – Leo Anderson and Tom Heart


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Mop-haired smooth boy Tom Heart is a vision of loveliness, it’s no wonder a horny young top twink like Leo Anderson is so eager to spend some quality BoyFun time with him for this afternoon bareback fuck.

Their meeting is an interesting, and painful one, for young Tom. With the last of the spring snow on the ground he encounters an ice patch while passing the distracted boy and falls flat on his ass. It’s an embarrassing slip, but it’s a good thing he has a trained medical practitioner on hand.

We don’t think Leo has any real medical training, but he obviously knows how to make a boy like Tom feel so much better.

All it takes is a warm apartment, hard uncut cocks, lots of sucking and some good deep bareback fucking.

The treatment starts with some tasty slurping and Tom’s gorgeous pale cock is quickly rigid and damp with precum. The boy is eager to return the favor and sucks on his host’s equally tasty tool before his snug little rump is presented.

After his bruising slip his cheeks are soon stuffed with the naked length of his new friend, buggered from behind and taking a ride on the warm injection while his own dick bounces eagerly.

Within moments of the boy being on his back once again his smooth stomach and hairless chest are splashed with the copious spurts of hot milky goo slinging from their dick tips, and his embarrassing stumble is all but forgotten.

We’d all risk an icy slip in front a boy for this kind of treatment.

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