Boy Fun – Drizzle Drilling – Drew Huxley and David Mannix

Boy Fun – Drizzle Drilling – Drew Huxley and David Mannix


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The city is beautiful all year round, but when the sky threatens to open up and drench young lovers David Mannix and Drew Huxley they correctly decide that it might be time to take a break back at the apartment, at least until the drizzle stops and the sun returns. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that being in one of the most romantic cities in Europe, on a suitably romantic day, and with hard uncut cocks in their pants, the two would immediately choose to spend their time inside enjoying some much needed BoyFun. With some loving kisses and a growing need to share themselves with each other their shirts are soon off, revealing their smooth and youthful twink bodies. It’s immediately clear just why these two are lovers, they’re perfectly matched for each other in their sexual hunger as they take turns licking and sucking their engorged young cocks. Drew eagerly slurps his friend’s stiff inches while David straddles him before laying back naked on the bed to have his cock gloriously serviced. His own mouth is soon put to work, if such a tempting piece of dick to suck can be called work. David shows he’s just as hungry as his good looking pal while he pleasures the curved inches presented to him, savoring the taste of fresh precum oozing from Drew’s large twitching cock. Worked up to a healthy need Drew takes aim at his young lover’s perfect little butt, parting the boy’s cheeks and slipping his tongue inside. It’s a perfect appetizer, the young man’s hole is soon licked out and ready for Drew’s naked cock to slide in. Perfectly positioned at the edge of the bed young David accepts the naked length inside him, the warm inches of raw dick thrusting in slow at first, picking up the pace when Drew kneels behind him to get deeper still. Laying on their side for some penetrating spooning the smooth young duo feel the pleasure becoming too much, their moans of mutual bliss escaping their lips as their balls begin to tighten. Ready to launch their creamy goodness the boys wank together, Drew splashing a powerful mess of twink cum up his smooth stomach while his lover plays with his nuts. Moments later David is ready, finishing their incredible afternoon with his own jerked out cream and giving his top boy a taste of his juices! Even without the rain encouraging them inside their loads clearly needed to be shared, it was just a matter of time.

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