Boy Fun – Andy Ate My Ass – Andy Reyes and Timmy Cole

Boy Fun – Andy Ate My Ass – Andy Reyes and Timmy Cole


RELEASE DATE:25 November 2022
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BoyFun – Andy Reyes & Timmy Cole – Andy Ate My Ass.mp4
Andy Reyes has a healthy appetite, especially for tight twink ass. His friend Timmy Cole isn’t complaining about this of course. When the cute boy arrives and finds his friend’s dildo collection under the cabinet the BoyFun is on.

With a little playful jousting with the toys and Andy’s cock is swelling in his jeans. Their playfulness is soon getting serious when their lips meet.

Some tender kisses inevitably lead the boys to a lot more. Andy’s long and throbbing erection is soon freed from his pants and Timmy shows his cock slurping skills, pleasuring his pal’s penis with his lips and tongue.

You know Andy is no novice when it comes to blowing a buddy and with their clothes slipping off the boy is ready to return the favor, bobbing up and down on Timmy’s dick until his friend is ready for some anal treatment.

Andy can’t wait to work that hole, licking and lapping and kissing his buddy’s pucker while little Timmy lays back with his ass up for eating.

After such a good and thorough tongue bath the boy’s hole is more than eager for that bareback dick to slide in deep, which Andy is soon inclined to do. He pumps his penis good and deep in every position, giving his friend the kind of fucking he needs before showers of hot cum erupt from their rampant rods in a messy finish.

Andy’s toy collection certainly suggests he’s down to get fucked, we know they’ll be swapping roles next time.

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