Boy For Sale – THE BOY COLTON: Chapter 11 – The Grooming – Master Legrand and Colton

Boy For Sale – THE BOY COLTON: Chapter 11 – The Grooming – Master Legrand and Colton


RELEASE DATE:8 October 2022
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When Master Legrand brings me into the mostly dark, dimly lit room, I can sense myself feeling slightly unnerved and anxious, but also excited. The excitement ramps up rather quickly, too, once he lays one of his massive hands on my neck and gently caresses my face with the other. All anxiety and nerves seem to completely dissipate.

He lifts up my shirt, his eyes roaming my body just as much as his hands. He pinches my left nipple, then my right. Each pinch sends what can only be described as electricity, or some sort of a jolting force through my entire body.

I never really thought of having a Master or being owned before – but it’s amazing how natural it feels so suddenly. As if I am meant to be here, getting examined by one of the sexiest men I have ever seen, essentially evaluating my body. Summing me up as a prize to bid on.

He lifts my shirt up further, this time over my face and then off. I look over and see him unbutton his coat. I felt my hole twitch. He came forward and behind me, reaching down to unbutton my jeans.

I couldn’t help but quiver. He moved his face ever so close to mine, staring me dead in the eyes, ready to kiss me. He pulls back though, teasing me as his hand goes down the front into my underwear.

He continues to tease me, running his hands all over me, a near kiss as he stares intently right into my eyes. He knows I’m putty in his hands at this point. He turns me around and starts to paw at my ass as I breathe heavily and moan into his ear.

He asks me to lean on the padded bench and grasps my cock and balls, his attention though on my exposed hole. I make it pucker, almost unconsciously. I can feel my body slowly develop a mind of its own. He has me turn over and instructs me to get to work on him.

I open his pants as he removes his own jacket. He unbuttons his shirt a bit, carefully instructing me as to how to service him. Even through the fabric of his underwear, I can already tell he has a cock perfectly befitting a master. Pulling it out and actually witnessing it, though, is truly a sight to behold.

He continues to instruct me as to just how he wants me to taste and suck on it. Asking me to look up at him, where to touch him, how to touch him. It’s like mind control, my body simply keeps reacting as if running on autopilot.

He asks me to lay on my back. He pours oil all over me and massages me sensually, once again exploring my body as if he’s never felt another one before.

He asks me to lift up my legs for him. I do it and beg him, he knows what for. A small part of me wonders if it’s actually even possible. But most of me wants him to impale me no matter what.

He turns me back over, and after more teasing, I finally feel the massive head slip into my tense hole. It takes some work, and I can tell he enjoys it. He knows I’m yearning for it, but it won’t simply slide all the way in. He’s too big, I’m too small. But it’s certainly not impossible.

He gets me back on my back, my legs up in the air again, toes curling with anticipation. He slowly begins sliding into me again, and eventually I can feel his head in my guts and his balls slapping against my ass. I, myself, am rock hard and stroking, his massive dick essentially permanently pressed against and massaging my prostate.

It’s too much, it’s too good. Before he can even get a solid rhythm going, I accidentally blow my load.

Master Legrand doesn’t seem angry about this, just amused. I’m left dumbstruck, my body still reeling from the orgasm. Master teases me a bit more, letting me know how I opened up for him. He throws a towel on me and tells me to clean up… and I know I’ve found a new purpose and place in life

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