Boy For Sale – The Boy Cole – Chapter 10 – The Prize (with Master Legrand)

Boy For Sale – The Boy Cole – Chapter 10 – The Prize (with Master Legrand)


RELEASE DATE:18 November 2022
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Cole has found himself being regularly passed around the Buyers’ Group for some time now. In many ways, he’s one of the ultimate prizes; tall, blond, devastatingly handsome and incredibly compliant. He commands some of the highest prices at auction. Everyone wants to own him.

Master Legrand has been on Cole’s radar for ages. The tall owner has been present at a number of group events where some of the best behaved young men are passed around like precious objects for the enjoyment of the cabal. Master Legrand intrigues the boy. It feels like the DILF’s somehow cloaked in an air of mystery. He says very little yet seems to be the controlling force of the group. When the boys meet, discussion about him is respectfully kept to a minimum.

Cole was both excited and deeply apprehensive when he was informed that Master Legrand had become his new master. Legrand had made his bids remotely, so the first time Cole saw him was in an expensive hotel room suite which he’d been driven to by his previous master. Legrand was wearing a dark suit with a gold tie and sitting calmly on the edge of the bed. Cole nervously entered the room, and, as is customary, dutifully dropped to his knees and crawled towards his master. He barely dared to look up at Legrand who seemed to possess an almost mind-bogglingly powerful aura.

The Master’s hands, though huge, felt softer than Cole expected. Legrand touched the boy with such extraordinary sensuality that goosebumps immediately started to prickle uncontrollably on Cole’s skin. For a while, everything fell completely silent, but for the rustle of fabric as the boy ran his lips and nose over the rapidly-growing bulge in Legrand’s pants. Cole’s nerves evaporated and were replaced by an overwhelming desire to serve.

The encounter felt un-rushed. There was mutual respect between the two of them, almost as though both were aware that the ultimate master had finally encountered the ultimate boy.

Legrand stood and removed his clothes while ordering Cole to service his dick. As the slaveboy pulled his master’s monster out of its fabric encasement, Cole felt another flutter of nerves. He had never seen anything that size before. It truly was the most impressive dick he’d ever seen. He immediately set about pleasuring it, employing every trick he knew in the process. Legrand found himself slowly sinking into a reverie of intense sexual satisfaction.

Cole was soon on all fours, on the bed, moaning deeply as his Master milked thick strands of precum from his heavily engorged penis.

Legrand’s dick rapidly made contact with Cole’s hole, and, seconds later, started to inch itself inside like a hungry snake entering a burrow. Cole’s head began to pound. The sensation was more intense than anything he’d ever experienced. He felt like he was being split in two.

The older man was soon pounding his new slave with long, deep strokes, causing the boy to grunt violently as the thick column of rock-hard man flesh relentlessly pumped in and out of him, literally banging the air out of his body. Legrand’s huge balls made a satisfyingly hollow thud as they thwacked hard against Cole’s well-defined ass cheeks.

The Master was soon going full tilt, flinging Cole into a variety of different positions to increase the depth and potency of his strokes. Cole attempted to regulate his breathing, but every time he felt he was getting a handle on the situation, his new Master upped the intensity dial and left him unable to do anything but grit his teeth while his internal organs were brutally rearranged.

Legrand suddenly exploded, firing off round after round of thick semen deep into Cole’s quivering hole. But the Master wasn’t done. He continued to pound his big dick into the boy while jerking Cole off until the boy’s stunning pole burst its top. A volcano of pure spunk cascaded all over his body.

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