Beefcake Hunter – Savoring Chorizo Regio – Ignacio

Beefcake Hunter – Savoring Chorizo Regio – Ignacio


RELEASE DATE:17 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 437 MB


Savoring Chorizo Regio was a session entirely in Spanish because continuing with My Border Adventures, I met this sexy Mexican construction worker. He has been in the country for over a year and is still working on his English. But don’t worry, Hunters, I did my best to provide you the most accurate subtitles

As sometimes happens in BeefCakeHunter Land, Beefcake Ignacio accepted my offer to debut in the BCH arena. Still, unfortunately, he had already jerked off that morning. He would not have the opportunity to participate a few days later. So, I resorted to giving them my tips to produce more milk and not miss the opportunity that day.

Already once on the set in the afternoon, I realized just from our conversation that Ignacio is a horny man, and he likes horny mouths too! Because of that, it didn’t take long to get him hard when I started rubbing his bulge. The most delicious surprise was that he was not wearing underwear!

Once Savoring Chorizo Regio, I discovered we have another moaner in the house. But Beefcake Ignacio is not only a moaner, he is a face-fucker, and verbal; he complimented me a few times; of course, I was doing some serious deep throating to his cock, too, lol.

In the middle of the session, he turned on his side. He started slapping my face with his cock, which only made me more enthusiastic.

I knew that although he was enjoying the blowjob very much, the fact that he had already cum in the morning, it would be necessary to combine my mouth, tongue, and hands to bring him to orgasm. And for only a few hours, the amount of semen was decent. He was pleased with the results of my tips, lol.

I hope you guys enjoy this video Savoring Chorizo Regio, another of My Border Adventures; stay tuned for more!

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