Bait Buddies – BB801 – Bob Knight and Jayden Woods

Bait Buddies – BB801 – Bob Knight and Jayden Woods


RELEASE DATE:1 September 2022
SIZE: 376 MB


Jayden Woods is this week’s bait guy and he’s one sexy man! Jayden has fire red hair, beautiful green eyes, a nice thick dick, and a bubble butt that was made for fucking! He identifies as bi-sexual but lately, he’s gravitating more towards men. And, he prefers a really big dick!

Bob Knight is this week’s straight guy and not only is he big as far as his height of 6 foot 6 inches goes, but his cock is also enormous and he’s uncut! Bob has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a smooth and slender build! Clearly, Bob doesn’t have any trouble picking up ladies and he says the ladies he picks up also let him fuck them in the ass! And, he absolutely loves anal! Eating and fucking ass is his favorite thing to do! But, he could also use some money so why not fuck for it?

Caruso interviews both guys and while he’s talking to them about their experience, Bob brings up the fact that he’s pretty open-minded and that he’s experimented with guys before but hasn’t fucked one. That’s why Jayden’s ears really perked up! Jayden let him know that he’s pretty open as well and looked over at him with fuck me eyes. Bob took the hint and quickly offered to top him! Caruso couldn’t believe what he was hearing so he decided to just sit back and let both guys do whatever they want to each other. And, they didn’t disappoint him at all! Hopefully, Jayden will be able to walk again after the fucking that Bob gave him!

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