BadPuppy – Antony Carter & Nico Vegas

BadPuppy – Antony Carter & Nico Vegas


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Nico Vegas is not likely to get his homework finished because Antony Carter is horny and has other plans for Nico. Antony walks up behind Nico and starts kissing him on the back of the neck and at the same time he pushes Nico’s papers out of the way. He pulls Nico to his feet and the deep, passionate kissing begins. They quickly start ripping each other’s clothes off as they fall lip-locked onto the bed. Antony pulls off Nico’s jockstrap, spreads his legs and goes down on his thick, uncut cock while using his fingers to tease Nico’s asshole. Antony kneels beside Nico, his boner standing straight up and Nico proceeds to give Antony a blowjob that has him squirming all over the bed. Antony rolls Nico over on the bed, pushes his legs back and buries his tongue deep into Nico’s tight hole. Alternating between blowing Nico’s manhood and rimming his ass, Antony’s quickly heating things up for Nico. Antony directs Nico to bend over the desk chair and he buries his thick cock deep inside. Nico moans with pleasure and Antony begins slowly pumping his cock in and out of Nico’s ass. Back on the bed, Nico is face down. Antony tops him, pushes his cock back in and begins a power-fucking session that Nico’s not soon to forget. The pounding continues with Nico on his back. He grabs his engorged cock and strokes it in rhythm with Antony’s thrusting. Nico’s body tightens, his nuts all but disappear as he can’t hold back any longer. Antony drives his cock in as deep as possible and this sends Nico over the edge. He blows a thick, juicy load all over his toned abs. Antony pulls out and while standing over Nico he squirts his jizz all over Nico’s waiting face and mouth.

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