Alternadudes – Xander Woods & Brody Wilde – Tatted Stud Fucks Inked Scene Goth

Alternadudes – Xander Woods & Brody Wilde – Tatted Stud Fucks Inked Scene Goth


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Scene goth, Xander Woods, starts off by crawling up onto stud Brody Wilde and telling Brody that he really wants his dick inside him. They immediately start making out and Xander wastes no time getting into Brody’s bulging pants. Soon the goth’s full pink lips are wrapped around the thick cock in front of him. It feels good and Brody loves every minute of it. Xander has a special talent with cocksucking and he takes every inch Brody can muster down his tight throat.
Brody loves to suck cock as well, and soon he’s got Xander’s big thick curvy dick in his face. He works every inch of it but Xander’s underwear are in the way. Brody peels them off of the twink and continues on licking and sucking as he gags and chokes on Xander’s big cock. Brody asks Xander if he’s ready to get fucked and Xander’s answer, of course, is YES!

Brody sits on the couch and Xander climbs on top. He bounces up and down, ramming the big cock in his tight asshole. Xander flips around and rides the stud reverse cowboy, letting his cock flip and flop as Brody holds the twink’s hips and thrusts deep. Xander gets on his hands and knees and bends over, letting his hole become whatever Brody wants it to be. Brody fucks Xander hard. They’re both sweating and groaning and moaning. “It’s good!” Brody yells as he pounds away, making Xander’s hole a size or two bigger.

Brody pulls out and sprays the goth twink with his juice, shooting it everywhere as it rolls down the back of Xander’s ass and down his legs. Xander gives Brody a quick kiss before he rolls over and pumps his own cock for some white gold. He sprays his pubes and stomach as Brody happily gets down by Xander’s cock to coach him as the cum rolls out and slathers Xander’s trimmed and tatted stomach. These two are happy and satisfied as they kiss and rub their cum drenched bodies together for a final touch of passion before they go their separate ways.

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