Adult Time – The Snake Bite – Roman Todd and Michael Boston

Adult Time – The Snake Bite – Roman Todd and Michael Boston


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It’s a bright and sunny day as Roman Todd and Michael Boston trek up their favorite hiking trail, breathing in the fresh air and working those hamstrings. But little do they know that something sinister is lurking in the brush. Roman Todd, the unlucky soul, decides to go pee in the bushes but when he whips his cock out, a snake leaps out of nowhere and gives his member a TOOTHY surprise. OUCH! After finally freeing his junk from the snake’s sharp chompers, Roman runs in a panic to Michael, who is busy reading a book. Roman needs to get the venom out of his junk ASAP, and since they’re miles away from civilization, well… Michael’s going to have to SUCK it out! Michael will do anything to help his buddy, so he kneels in front of Roman’s throbbing dick and gets blowing- er… sorry, SUCKING. Roman can hardly watch- snake or no snake, this is the first time a guy has given him a blowjob, and it is WILD.But what Roman and Michael could never have seen coming was just how GOOD this would feel for both of them. So, when they get back home, they decide to double down on their newfound desires and see just how deep they’re willing to go. They have playful gay sex in Michael’s bedroom, loving every single second of it. Seems like if it wasn’t for that snake, they’d be missing out on something truly delicious. Thanks, Mr. Snake!

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